Insulators, Equipment Mechanics and Instrument Fitters

  • Bechtel
  • Gregory, TX, United States
  • Jan 16, 2018

Job Description

Insulators – 4 plus yr.’s experience in cold insulation that can demonstrate advanced jacketing,  layout techniques (ells, tees, caps, bevels, head gores, etc.) including cut, crimp, bend and roll the metal using the required tools.  Must be able to fabricate and install aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel and PVC jacketing for various types of vessel and equipment, along with layout, fabrication, installation procedures and securements. Must be able to read blueprints; have a thorough knowledge of the various types of pipes and fitting jacketing fabrications, along with layout, installation procedures and securements.

Instrument Fitters – Journeymen with 4+ yrs. Must prepare and permanently install measuring instrumentation and its associated components at a

petrochemical construction project. Must have extensive tubing bending and installation experience. Also must assemble, mount and installs control panels, instruments, associated sensing devices that measure, indicate, transmit, record and control.

Plan layout and installation in accordance with manufacture instructions, specifications, issued design details and drawings. The employee must adhere to all safety procedures.

Equipment Mechanic  -  Journeymen with 4+ years of verifiable experience. Electrical and hydraulic troubleshooting skills required.  Day/night shift rotation may be required.

Painter: prepare surfaces for coating, removal of old paint using solvents, cleansers, sandpaper, brush, steel wool, paint remover, thinner, scraper, wire brush, blowtorch and sand blasting equipment.  Seal or caulk voids, gaps, holes, cracks, and joints with sealants, caulk, putty or other filler using caulking gun and putty knife.  Apply high performance industrial coatings to protect surfaces of pipe, valves, fittings, structure, bracing. brackets and metal components using spray gun, brush or paint roller.  Prepare set up compressors, generators, sprayers and other paint equipment. 

Tank Welder – Must operate AGW with 1 year Nickel Experience  or a minimum of 3 years of carbon steel AGW experience. Must pass weld test.